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Consultation Call

A voice or video call with Ray Tyler.

When you choose a date and time to set a call, our team will schedule a specific date and get back to you via the email address you've listed with the time, and depending on whether you chose video or phone call, you'll get a room code or the time Ray will call you.

If you selected to communicate about another date, you will receive an email to respond to with your new requested date and time. If your requested date and time does work for Mr. Tyler, the exact details of the call (Zoom chat-room code/phone number) will be communicated via the listed email for either Zoom or on a regular phone call. If it does not, you're entitled to a full refund or to continue discussing a date and time with us via email.


If you have purchased a course from us, please be sure to select the course members option on the payment selections for a 1/2 price discount. This option only appears if your account has been used to purchase a course.

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