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There are no two farms exactly alike. We can offer specialized advice based on your farm and life.

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Ray Tyler

Ray Tyler of Rose Creek Farms began farming the four seasons in West TN over 12 years ago and is still going strong. Farm educator, speaker and consultant for growers all over the country, Ray and his wife live in a yurt of their construction, right on their farm with their 6 kids. Together they grow and sell produce to their local community with their loyal team and are offering their expertise to assist you.

Sometimes you face problems on the farm and in your life that are best solved by talking with a seasoned grower. 

Often you need advice on balancing farm problems and family problems that seem impossible to handle. 

Someone who can give you good advice that is tailored for your farm and your lifestyle.

Here are just a handful of popular topics that I can help with:

Setting Up Your Farm

Crop Planning

Solving Plant Issues

Determining How To Increase Sales

Hiring Good People

Balancing Farm and Family Life

Avoiding Burnout

Getting Your Family Involved

Helping Your Spouse See Your Vision

Organizing And Solving Frequent Crises That Arise

Migrating Your Farm To An 8 Hour 5 Day Work Week

Setting Up An Online Store With Shopify

Deciding When To Go Full Time

And Many Other Topics...




$100/hour for course members

Available hours:

Tues & Thurs evenings between 4-6 pm CST

Sat mornings between 10:30-11:30 CST


Other appointment dates can be scheduled via email.


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