Growing With Ray Tyler

Ray's goal with the Small Farms Big Change brand is to teach as many Growers and Small Farms as possible so they are equipped to succeed in every aspect of their farm and life.

The Living Farm Course

The Lettuce Masterclass


On-Farm Workshops

People from far and wide ask to come to visit our farm here in Selmer, TN.
We plan the events.


January 7th, 2023


(On-Farm Lodging availability may vary)

  • Provided Breakfast
  • Creating A Plan For Success (Yurt Sessions)
  • Tour Of The Farm
  • Hands-On Propagation and How To Care For Transplants (Greenhouse)
  • Hands-Crop Out/ Bed-Prep and Transplanting Plants (In A Tunnel)
  • Provided Lunch At The Yurt 
  • Crop Care Preventing Pest and Disease Problems (In A Tunnel)
  • Build An Irrigation System (In A Tunnel)
  • Pack Shed Systems That Work (Packshed)
  • Sell Sell Sell (Yurt Sessions)



January 10th-11th, 2023


(On-Farm Lodging availability may vary)

  • Master Plan 
  • Hands on Propagation House Mastery 
  • Micro-Green Workshop
  • Bed Prep And Planting Systems 
  • Preventing Pest and Disease Organically At Scale
  • Composting 
  • Managing Fertility At Scale
  • Setting Up A Fertigation System 
  • Setting Up A Custom Foliar Feeding Program 
  • Building A Farm Team That Works
  • Setting Up And Managing Protected Culture To Double Your Yields 
  • Keeping Tools Simple 
  • Setting Up An Automated Irrigation System For Your Farm And Greenhouse 
  • Managing Extreme Elements For All 4 Growing Seasons 
  • Setting Up A Simple Packshed System 
  • Learn To Sell What You Grow 
  • Q&A Sessions 
  • All Meals Shared At The Farm Yurt

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Ray Tyler

Ray Tyler is a loving husband and a father to 6 young children. He's also a full-time learner, farmer, and educator.

Before his farming career, Ray worked as a professional body man, high-end trim carpenter, and then as a welder gaining real-life experience that cannot be taught at University. With no University degrees to boast of, Ray has leveraged his work ethic, his ability to seek out help from experts when needed, and his ability to fall down and get up again has been vital for his success. His passion and zeal for learning new things and never being satisfied with the status quo, often going in direct opposition to the advice of ‘’college-educated’’ experts in his quest to find practical solutions that work for the everyday grower, has been one of his greatest assets.

Since 2009 Ray has been growing food and has been creating efficient growing systems that work for his farm and has been sharing and teaching those systems since 2011 to anyone who is willing to listen and learn. Ray is most notably known for his unique, innovative growing systems for farms in hot and humid climates making approx. $450,000 a year on 1 acre He, along with his wife Ashley, are the owners and operators of Rose Creek Farms and Small Farms Big Change and is also one of the founding members of AgLaunch.

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The Living Farm Course

We've created an exciting continually updated and extensive farm course that covers everything we know about market gardening!

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Online Workshop Tonight! (Dec 2nd)

Join Ray on Friday the 2nd at 6PM CST on Zoom for a presentation on Managing Pest Pressure!

Members of The Living Farm Course have free access to weekly online workshops with Ray and other farmers.

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Lettuce Masterclass

A comprehensive video course to teach you how to grow lettuce year-round regardless of your environment.

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The Textbook

(On Backorder)

Ray's new book The Farmers Guide to Growing Organic Lettuce is a comprehensive guide to growing lettuce that is available for individual purchase or free with a purchase of The Lettuce Masterclass!

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Caterpillar Tunnel Success

A full online video course all about how to use caterpillar tunnels to extend your farms' growing seasons indefinitely.

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Ray Tyler has years of growing experience at his disposal, sign up for a voice or video call with him to get advice on your farm and life.

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On-Farm Workshops & Farm Tours

We receive many requests for people to come visit our farm and learn hands on from what we do. We will soon be offering Workshops and Monthly Farm Tours!

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