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The Lettuce Masterclass

Grow Lettuce 52 weeks a year

Use the techniques and methods that Ray teaches in this online course to grow lettuce year-round in harsh environments.

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What students are saying...

Small Farms Big Change

“My lettuce game is way up, big props to this course. From propagation chamber varieties, spacing and bed prep.”

Small Farms Big Change

“The experience has been really good for me! I REALLY wish I had gone through this course before we ever started our farm. It would've saved us so much time, money, and headaches! At least we'll have a much better game plan going forward.”

Small Farms Big Change

“This class has helped nail down the loose ends of our summer lettuce production. We aren't perfect, but we try to get better every day! ”

Learn from the Master

With over 12 years of experience growing lettuce in one of the most brutal environments in the US, Ray Tyler reveals his various methodologies and techniques he uses everyday to produce beautiful heads of lettuce each week.

Course Overview

Here are the different modules included in this course!

Getting Started

Variety & Propagation

Soil Fertility

Protected Culture

Irrigation Systems

Planting & Direct Seeding

Pests & Diseases

Harvest & Packing

Marketing & Selling

The Supply Catalog

Lettuce Trials

Bonus Content



With over 100 videos in our catalog, we offer a visually stimulating and informative course unlike any other.


PDFs are scattered throughout the class to provide graphs and takeaways for reference in the field.


We've placed worksheets in each chapter to help you retain the immense amount of information contained in the course.

Online Lettuce Community

Join up with other like-minded individuals also making their way through the course, compare notes and share your successes on our Lettuce Nation Forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How Much Does It Cost?


What is the Lettuce MasterClass?

The Lettuce Masterclass is an in-depth course to teach you everything under the sun about lettuce growing.

Will I Be Able To Speak Directly With Ray Tyler?

Ray can always be asked questions on The Lettuce Nation Forum and on our Facebook Group

How Do I Know If I Should Take This Course?

If you have a desire to grow happy and healthy lettuce and want any and all help you can possibly get, this course is right for you.

How Long Is The Course?

11.7 hours excluding bonus content. Longer than the typical workday.

What All Is Included?

158 lessons in 12 modules.

What If I've Got More Questions?

Feel free to contact us at this email address:

  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “...Ray gave me a plan, and it has been key to making a successful transition to farming. He really helped me bridge the gap. Ray has a great way of working, he understands working within your context so he doesn't just recommend one system, but what will work on YOUR farm. Ray is my safety net!

    The first month of opening my farm I grossed almost $5,000 from an 1/8th acre. My salad mix is my biggest seller - I can’t grow it fast enough! I’m working on 4X my production now and looking forward to fall when I think I can double my sales!

    Thanks Ray for helping me make my farming dreams a reality!! ”

    Farmer, Front Street Farms

  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “Before working with Ray, I wanted to start my own farm but my background in music didn’t give me the necessary skills I needed...
    ...Ray gave me a plan, walked me through the exact systems that I needed, and I signed up 50% more CSA members than I expected this spring! Ray gave me clarity and a filter for all the information out there, even down to the exact crop plan and varieties that I needed. And he helped me implement it in such a way that I could develop the CSA while maintaining a window cleaning job as my primary income. We produced more food than we needed for our members. It was worth every dollar working with him!...
    ...My goal is to go full-time this fall and feed much more of my community, which is only possible because of Ray's help.”

    Farmer, Maranatha Greens

  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “This class motivated me to move forward with my first cat tunnel and attempt winter lettuce mix production. All in on salanova. Tunnel survived 65 mph winds last week, I think we are good to go.”


  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “Thank you, Ray! My first harvest after doing everything the "right way" 3 totes FILLED from one 50' bed. I'm guessing at least 45 pounds. This just paid for the class, and then some! Great stuff! Thanks!”


  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “Sending my annual thanks to you for the lettuce course and the paradigm shift it inspired on our farm. Sales up nearly 50% again this year. A couple of years ago I never would have believed I could do 130K from 3/4 of an acre. A crazy year in so many ways and I have a lot of gratitude for the “calm” I had with the farm this season. Many thanks!”


  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “Still riding the " best market day yet" euphoria wave.
    Thanks to this Masterclass and what we've learned, we sold almost 50 salad mix boxes and over 40 heads of lettuce... And I have PLENTY more in the ground ready for the next few months... and more trays ready to carry us into Spring. If you are new to this group, and wondered, "does this stuff really make that big of a difference?"
    YES!! I think every person who was a repeat customer bought at LEAST two boxes.. a few even more! Soak up the info here, and if you can, get to one of the workshops at Ray's farm.
    I DO think my hat helped a *little* though.”

    Farmer, The Looney Farm

  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “I wanted to thank you for allowing me to take the Lettuce Class. This is our third year and we are really doing great. Over the last three months, we have grossed 46k. Our crops are diversified but veg makes up a large percentage of the sales. Hats off to you for your hard work, dedication, and inspiration.”


  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “Just looking over our sales from the past few weeks and we are now averaging $850/week just in lettuce sales and I am feeling appreciative of the work you put into the lettuce course and mentoring folks and the Instagram algorithm that helped me find it 😀. Thank You!”


  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “Out here harvesting lettuce mix and feeling really proud of what we have accomplished over the past two seasons lettuce-wise. Sending gratitude to you for the guidance and encouragement.”


  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “My winter sales have been incredible, thanks to this course for pushing me forward. Sold through my box of 400 clamshells already!”


  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “...I was overwhelmed and frustrated by all the irrigation options out there, especially as we have an off-grid operation.
    Ray helped me design a system that cost me 50% less than what I had been considering and allowed me to irrigate my crops overhead, drip or both. He showed me the exact parts and pieces that I needed and where to get them at the best price.

    Ray is a farmer’s farmer, loves farming and is a great guy to work with. He definitely wants me to succeed - even though I’m close enough to be future competition. He went above and beyond working with me and now our irrigation system saves me 75% of my time irrigating.”

    Farmer, Pig and Leaf

  • RAY01844 The Farmers Guide to Growing Organic Lettuce

    “Beyond grateful. This course is definitely worth every penny and beyond.”

    Farmer, Desert Micro

  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “I highly recommend this class! It took our production to the next level and created a cash flow that helped fund the rest of our farm.”

    Farmer, Buena Vista Gardens

  • Frame 6 The Lettuce Masterclass

    “This class is worth every penny if you are in an area where the summers are hot and humid... Ray is as genuine as they come, and his systems work.”

    Farmers, The Looney Farm

  • Small Farms Big Change

    “I bought the class and now I have a ton of Salanova in my garden growing, and I am servicing 4 grocery stores. I have just picked up 4 more grocery stores, and this is working great. Thank you for the help!”


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