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What is the Living Farm Course?

The Living Farm Course is a complete online farm course with nearly 500 lessons that equip growers with systems that will greatly improve their farm and personal life by offering current real-world solutions to every grower's daily problems.

This is not just a course that sells content on systems or how to grow.

It's a course that offers weekly mentorship, coaching, and support throughout the growing season.


Do you often have too many crop failures that leave you confused?
Do you often have lost sales due to not having enough in peak season?
Do you often see poor-quality crops and often wonder how you could improve them?

Do you often feel alone along your journey as a grower?
Do you often have a hard time meeting sales goal numbers?
Do you often feel overwhelmed by all the problems you face?
Do you wish you could be a part of a positive community?
Do you just wish you could have a mentor guide you this season?

Do you feel like you do not have a grasp on a good farm plan?

You're Not Alone

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course could be the best investment you could make this year.

Let me mentor you and help you make the 2024 growing season the best year ever!


What You Can Expect

Course Features

We've got so much in store for you all... and we can't wait for you to see it.

500+ Lessons

Behind the scenes, we are constantly working to put out more quality videos every week! 

Downloadable Content

Crop listings, SOPs and planting schedules are all included and ready for you to use!

Weekly Mentorship Calls

Bring your weekly problems and questions and receive honest answers.

Course Sections

We have a vast numbers of courses and we put them in a good number of sections!

Crop Primer

Most of our courses are in the Crop Primer! We have courses on every crop that we grow!

Farmers Market

A course dedicated to showing you all the tips and tricks to setting up a successful farmer's market stand.

Greenhouse & Propagation

How to build, maintain and upgrade your greenhouse.

Protected Culture

A section on how to use high tunnels and caterpillar tunnels for your farm!


A course section covering the intricacies of growing microgreens!

Pack Shed & Farm Store

These course sections show how to set up a pack shed and use it efficiently!

Completely Solved My Problem
I did what you told me to do last week, and it completely solved my problem with my crop.
Made Farming So Much Easier
I implemented your system on weed control and your weekly task management this past season, and it made farming so much easier.
Exceeded Our Financial Goals
We are on track to exceed our financial goal this year and we know taking your class played a big component of that.
Very Encouraging
Being a part of the weekly mentorship coaching calls was very encouraging and helpful this past season.

Who Is Your Mentor?


First and foremost, I, Ray Tyler, am a Husband and a father of 6 homeschooled children.

I have been growing produce here in West Tennessee since 2009 and farming professionally since 2010. I've built my farm, which is currently making over $600,000 on just one acre. Providing my family our sole source of income, including three other team members and their families.
My love and passion for growing nutrient-dense food for my family and others has driven me to this day. While not farming, I am mentoring others to help them solve their unique problems, which will allow them to achieve their visions and goals.

Since 2012, I've been teaching and sharing with people locally and now globally, and the systems I've developed have worked for me.

In 2010, along with my wife Ashley and our first two very young daughters, we launched Rose Creek Farms with no land ownership and only $150 in our bank account.

We had just a few simple goals with which we built the farm...

Our Farming Goals

  • Leave the Land Better than the Way We Found It.

  • Create a Farm That Is Family-Focused and Would Provide an Opportunity for My Children to Be a Part of It If They Wanted It.

  • Grow Produce for Our Family and Sell the Rest to Our Local Markets.

  • Create Cash Flow. No Business Can Last Unless It Has Cash Flow.

  • Make a Profit.

A Message From Ray:

Since our first year of farming, a lot has changed in my family and farm, but my founding principles and simple goals have not.

Every week, I am in the game of growing produce, perfecting the health of my soil, and always searching to improve my systems and keep up with the ever-changing market outlets that I face.

I am working in today's world, not yesterday's old, outdated ways of doing business.

-Ray Tyler

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Living Farm Course Mentorship Program

The Living Farm Course Mentorship Program has two distinct parts:

The Living Farm Course

You'll gain access to over 500 lessons inside of The Living Farm Course, downloadable content to use at home, and an in-depth Supply Catalog with links to all of the tools you'll ever need!

Weekly Coaching Calls

The first year of owning The Living Farm Course includes weekly coaching calls with Ray Tyler and other students to discuss your farming needs and get your pain points solved.

These coaching calls are recorded and posted on the site for rewatching!

The 2024 Mentorship Program

The 2024 mentorship program is a weekly Zoom call where you can bring any questions or problems that you have each week throughout your season with planning, crops, scaling sales, business systems, or anything else you may need help working through.

Since every farm can be radically different, I believe that offering this program can really help keep you motivated and inspired and help you grow your farm business.

Mentorship can help turn your goals into reality. 

Each call will be every Monday at 3 pm CST. Each week will be limited to a small group of growers, ensuring you have time to discuss your questions.  

What You Will Get In This Course:

This course shows how I run my farm, and this will give you the systems and tools you can apply to your farm.

There are almost 500 lessons from marketing, growing crops in oppressive heat and humidity, Sales, the value-added sector, tools I use, and countless other topics that help create a farm that works for you.

I cover nearly every task or problem you face I have faced in my career, and I am constantly looking for ways to improve and navigate the ever-changing challenge of inflation market shifts and overall issues that every business faces in today's world.

Weekly Group Mentorship

Coaching Calls

Bring your weekly problems and questions and receive honest answers.

Weekly Farm Walks

I will show you the good and the bad of what an ever-changing farm looks like during the 4 growing seasons. This is the most popular watched portion of the Living Farm Course!

Product Catalog

Search and browse my vast hand picked catalog and links to all the packaging, tools, and inputs I use on my farm.

Direct Access To Me

Message me to get any answers about anything if you can't make the weekly mentorship calls.

Over 500 Lessons

With over 500 lessons and counting, you can be sure that we have either covered what you need, or we will in the future.

High Quality SOPs and Charts

Download any of the operating procedures or charts that we use on a daily basis on our farm!

The Supply Catalog

Gain access to a limitless supply of curated links and downloadables, used by farmers and made for farmers. Get all the supplies you need from our one stop shop right inside our membership site!

Buy Now and get $2000 off!

With over 500 videos at $3 a video, that's $1500 in value

52 weeks with 1 hour of a workshop each week with $28 in value equals another $1500.

That totals up to $3000 in value!

If you buy the course now with the link from the summit, you'll get $2000 off!

Buy Now!

Online Community
Join a full class of other farmers and growers and learn from one another!
Over 500 Lessons
Watch over 500 videos in lessons from planting seeds to selling tips at market
Lifetime Access
Pay once and come back to our videos anytime if you need an answer for a problem!
Online Coaching
Ask questions of Ray and other growers once a week to help solve your issues! These are recorded for later!

Pricing options

Pick the price option that best fits your needs:

Budget Price


For 3 months


A year of Weekly Coaching calls

500+ Lessons

Lettuce Masterclass and Caterpillar Tunnel Success INCLUDED

Most popular

Growing Farmers Summit Discount


One Time Payment


A year of Weekly Coaching Calls

500+ Lessons with new lessons every week

Lettuce Masterclass and Caterpillar Tunnel Success NOT INCLUDED

Up Front


One Time Payment


A year of Weekly Coaching calls

500+ Lessons

Lettuce Masterclass and Caterpillar Tunnel Success INCLUDED


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that people tend to ask about The Living Farm Course!

There are over 500 detailed lessons and growing that cover everything from seed to store, plus all the systems and details that make a farm successful.

Yes! I add 3 new lessons weekly. Because I am currently farming 52 weeks a year in an ever-shifting climate and economy, I make sure I add new content that is currently making the farm successful.

Yes! Trials are a big part of my farm's success. I cover my process in the weekly farm walks.

A farm walk is a video of me showing crops on the farm, showing what we are growing that week, what I am prepping for, what I am thinking about, what kind of trials I am doing, what kind of problems I am solving and what kind of changes I am making on the farm.

This is a raw lesson on what a farm looks like on any week of the 52-week growing season. This will give you a current look into what my farm is growing.

The weekly farm walks are generally 15-25 minutes each, depending on the season and how many crops we are growing.

The mentorship is a one-year program. After the year program has ended, you can sign up for another year if you like.

If you pay for lifetime access, it's yours to keep. If you only subscribe to the monthly membership, you'll have it on a "per month" basis for as long as you pay for it.

I grow on the edge of growing Zone 7b and 8a. My systems and methods for growing a profitable business apply no matter where you grow in the world. The unique growing systems I utilize for growing vegetables are adaptable to any climate with intense heat and humidity.

Yes, I extensively cover how to manage pests of all kinds. You may have different pests than I have here on my farm, but the principles and approach to pests are adaptable for any region or size of the farm.

Once a week, you will receive a link to a live video call via email, where you can bring any questions or problems you face.

Many growers face many challenging situations and problems that are very unique to you as a person and to your microclimate and market streams. You cannot watch a video, read a blog, or read a Facebook post and get solutions perfect for your problems. This is where the mentorship program is of high value.

Often, I work with growers who face challenging growing problems that they are struggling with, and I can help them with weekly ongoing solutions that may help.
Many growers face challenges with labor and building a team. This is another area where I have many years of experience and can mentor you, along with providing unique options for you and your contextual issues.

The mentorship calls are 1x a week except for holidays and certain days of the year.

Yes, you can message me anytime, and you can ask me in real-time in the mentorship calls and take your time to cover your unique questions every week.

Yes, I cover how I do this. This does not mean you will be able to duplicate this in your first year or even in five years of growing. 

Do not be misled. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick business, farming is not for you. 

My approach to farming takes HARD WORK, risk, capital, and your ability to create systems that work for you. Many other factors, including your micro-climate, the team that you can build, your ability to select market streams to sell in, and your aggressive mindset on business, will also be a major factor in your level of success

Yes, I have over 75 PDFs you can download and keep on your computer forever.

Yes, soil management is one of the most important topics I cover.

Yes, I cover my approach and principles to creating a good program for building your own unique program.

Yes, I cover my approach and principles to creating a good program for building your own unique program.

I have a complete course on how to grow in Tunnels that you will love!

I cover more than 50 different crops, not counting all the many varieties I grow.

Not at this time. Lettuce is one of the most important crops on my farm. I feel it was best to include everything in one place to give you a complete picture and systems for a complete farm.

Not at this time. Currently, most of my production is undercover in High-Tunnels or Cat Tunnels. This has been very important to our overall success, given the amount of rain, oppressive summer heat, and negative 20-degree winters we may face. Tunnels are a vital piece of our farm, and it's essential to include them in the big overall picture of how our business works.

Feel free to contact us at this email address:

Course Curriculum



Learn how to grow these delicious summer crops for yourself and for sale!

Growing Tomatoes in an Unheated Tunnel

  • Bed Prep
  • Drip Tape + Dibbling
  • Planting
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Take a Plant Sap Analysis for Nutrition Management
  • Staking & Weave
  • Staking & Weave Second Round
  • Crop Turnaround

Growing Early Tomatoes in a Heated High Tunnel

  • Potting Up
  • Planting
  • Stringing Up
  • Overview After Planting
  • Clipping Indeterminates
  • Using Bees for Early Pollination
  • Finishing Up - Determinate Tomatoes
  • Taking A Plant Sap Analysis
  • Using Shade Cloth for Tomatoes and When to Remove
  • Clipping Tops for Larger Fruit
  • When to Harvest

Bonus Lessons

  • Planting in February (Hydronic Heating)
  • Overview of Steaming Soil for Reduced Soil-Borne Pathogens
  • The Process of Using a Steaming Coil and How It Works


Building A Successful Online Store

Use our online store template and our favorite app plug-ins to achieve success with online sales!


  • Intro To The Course

Setting Up

  • Signing Up For Shopify
  • Picking A Plan & Adding Your Credit Card
  • Adding The Online Store
  • Adding Products
  • Product Setup For Shipping Deliveries
  • Making Collections Of Your Product
  • Picking A Theme / How Landing Pages Work
  • Designing Your Site
  • Main Menu Footer Overview
  • Personalized Domain


  • Buy Me Sticky Button App
  • Advanced Shipping Rules
  • Order Printer App
  • Quick Pick List
  • Little Popups App

Day-To-Day Tasks

  • Printing and Fulfilling Orders Accurately
  • How to Refund Customers 
  • Building a Customer List 


Microgreen Mastery

Take your Microgreens to the next level with this in-depth course on how to grow and sell Microgreens!


  • Buying & Storing Microgreen Seeds
  • Microgreen Trays
  • Seeding Microgreens (Small Scale)
  • Germination Chamber
  • Crop Care
  • Watering Microgreens
  • Fast and Efficient Microgreen Harvest
  • Packaging Microgreens for Market

Specific Micro Greens Crops:

  • Micro Arugula
  • Micro Cilantro
  • Mild Microgreens
  • Spicy Microgreens
  • Broccoli Microgreens
  • Tokyo Bekana
  • Micro Amaranth
  • Micro Dill
  • Sunflower Shoots
  • Pea Shoots


Irrigation Systems

Learn how to manage water efficiently on your farm!

Irrigation systems 

  • The Importance of Water
  • How To Go From Well To Crop
  • How to Calculate Your Well Size According To Your Needs
  • Greenhouse Automatic Irrigation
  • Building a Drip Tape system
  • Building a Overhead irrigation system for Open Fields
  • Selecting the Riser
  • Building a Complete Caterpillar Tunnel Netafim Irrigation System
  • How To Set Up A Simple Automatic Irrigation System
  • Bonus Lesson: A Simple and Cheap Irrigation Option


Nutrient Foliar Feeding Systems

An overview of Foliar Feeding. The why and how I chose the system I use!

Nutrient Feeding Systems

  • My Current Foliar and Fertigation System
  • Fertigation Systems
  • How to take a Plant Sap Analysis sample (PSA)


Pest Management and Prevention

A complete course on how to keep pests from destroying all your hard work!

Pest Prevention

  • Best Approach to Prevention
  • Current Pest Prevention Protocol
  • Beneficial Nematodes
  • When to apply beneficial nematodes
  • Controlling Root Knot Nematodes
  • Preventing Flea Beetles
  • Aphid Prevention
  • Controlling Armadillos
  • Rabbits
  • Deer
  • Keeping Large Rodents out of Caterpillar Tunnels


Pack Shed Setup

A course on how to build an efficient, low cost packshed perfect for fulfilling orders, packaging produce for stores, and creating value add products!

Pack Shed Setup

  • Building a Low Cost Packshed


Value Add Products

A course on how to create and sell Value Add products from your produce!

Value Add Products

  • Knowing Your Local Rules and Laws
  • Salad Dressings
  • Kale Pesto
  • Basil Pesto
  • Carrot Top Pesto
  • Spinach Pesto
  • Zoodles (Spiralized Zucchini)
  • Sauerkraut (Cabbage)

And much, much more...


Earn A Living Doing Something You Love.

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